Although POP is one of the most common indications for a gynaecological operation, there are relatively few studies on incidence and prevalence of POP.3A prevalence of symptomatic POP between 4-12% of all women has been reported for Australia and Sweden.4,5 One of the few population studies shows that about 40% of women have a stage 2 or more prolapse.6The probability that a prolapse causes serious discomfort is much lower (11%). A large US study shows a prevalence of 14.2% in all women, resp 41% for women between 50-79 years of age.7

A review of studies in developing countries demonstrates a higher mean prevalence of of POP 19.7% in these countries.8 As studies have major differences in design, definitions and methods, the value of comparison of results is limited. In a systematic review is stated that the low and lower income countries have almost twice the burden of POP than countries of the higher economy.28