Health care system


The health care facilities and the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health Department of Health Services in Nepal are shown in fig 3. 


Fig 3.

The administrative reorganization of the whole country in 2017 also has impact on the structure of the health care system. Provinces and Gaun Palika’s replace zones, regions, districts and VDC’s of the former organization. 

The new organizational structure of the Department of Health Services in Nepal is under construction.


Since the introduction of the General Health Plan in 1956, marked progress has been made in the health sector with the aim of providing basic health services to every Nepalese citizen. As a result, the majority of people now live within one or two hours walk of a Hospital, Health Center (HC),Primary Health Care Center (PHC-C), Health Post (HP), Sub-Health Post (SHP) or a Clinic.5


The health care system in the communities of Nepal consists of 2 key parts: community based facilities and peripheral health facilities.