Nepalese woman relieved of her prolapse

The Women for Women Foundation establishes health projects for women in Nepal. The projects have a medical character and focus on the prolapse of pelvic organs, including the womb. The projects are executed by volunteers. Targeting the improvement of the knowledge and skills of the Nepalese themselves has made them increasingly able to address this problem. The final goal is to ensure that the Nepalese can independently relieve women of their prolapses themselves.

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Spring gynaecamp 2017 has started!


Again, a delegation of Dutch and Nepali healthworkers has started a gynaecamp in Parbat region. Apart from working in the field, our team is also teaching in Nepali high schools about prolaps. 


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Length 880 km, width on average 193 km, height 100 to 8840 m (Mount Everest).

The number of inhabitants is 27 million (2012) and the annual income per head of population is just $ 240.
With a life expectancy of 58 years, people do not get old in Nepal. Infant mortality is high; 68 of 1000 infants die and 83 of 1000 children die before the age of five.