How your donation is spent

Even with a small donation, our foundation can do a lot for the women in Nepal. Below is an overview of what we can do with your contribution: 



A ring pessary is used to correct prolapses. This is an effective treatment for many prolapses. Only when this is unsuccessful or if the prolapse has progressed too far is surgery considered. This type of ring pessary lasts for at least five years.  


Falk pessary 

This pessary is used for more complicated prolapses, for instance when the normal ring does not remain in place.



Surgery is necessary when the prolapse is too large or too damaged. We also need to operate if the prolapse cannot be corrected using a ring. During the surgery, Nepalese trainee gynaecologists are taught the technique.


Surgery kit 

Instruments are required to perform surgery; the kits wear out and must regularly be replaced.


Tuition fee

Women for Women makes scholarships available to girls who want to become a nurse but are unable to pay the tuition fee. In exchange, they cooperate in the projects carried out by RHEST and Women for Women.

In 2014, we made available 10 scholarships.


Gynaecology camp

You can find information about a gynaecology health camp at projects (What we do: How