You can contribute as a volunteer. Both in Nepal and in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can contribute by helping with supporting tasks. For instance, you can assist in fund raising activities, writing the newsletter or in the practical organisation of the camps in Nepal. This is possible working in workgroups or as a complete project. Would you like to help? Please send an e-mail or fill in the contact form.


In Nepal

You can travel with us to Nepal as a participant in a team working in a gynaecology camp. (Family) doctors and assistants together with Nepalese volunteers participate in the field camps. We go to Nepal twice a year for two weeks.


The work in Nepal mainly consists of supervising, coaching, and training in diagnosing and treating prolapses. (Family) doctors who wish to join us must have knowledge and experience with prolapses and with fitting ring pessaries. Assistants carry out general tasks. Only women do this work. Gynaecologists (m/f) carry out surgery in various hospitals. The transferring of skills to Nepalese trainee gynaecologists is an essential aspect of this work. The travel and accommodation costs (€ 1500) must be paid by the participants themselves.


There is a waiting list. You can get more information about this from our secretary Tineke van der Laarse, info@vrouwenvoorvrouwen.nl or via the contact form.