There is a frequent occurrence of pelvic organ prolapse in Nepal and to a severe degree. Young women in particular suffer from this complaint. Life is difficult in a poor country like Nepal. In this high mountainous (Himalayan) country, women are low on the social ladder. Nevertheless, they are the pivotal point of the family. They look after the children, work in the fields, carry water, and collect firewood and stones.



Women give birth to children at a very early age. Work continues as normal during pregnancy. There is often no assistance during delivery.

In addition, the women are expected to work once more in the fields immediately after giving birth. These difficult living conditions contribute to the occurrence of pelvic organ prolapse. It is seen as a severe health problem with a major impact on the woman's daily life.




The Women for Women Foundation supports the Nepalese in relieving this serious complaint, because it believes that good health is important in various respects. It not only improves the life of the woman herself, it is also positive for her family and the entire economy.